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A little white bump on eyelid is potentially harmless and definitely not a cause of concern. Paprika also contains the highest concentration of the nutrient that are rich in vitamin A, like cayenne pepper, basil, oregano, chervil, sage, dill weed, savoury, thyme and bilberry. Uneven pupil is a condition when the shape and size of both the pupils vary. Although the risk of complications is very low, it may take place in some patients. In the following sections of this guzzle article, we will explore this in more detail. Do not touch the dropper or allow it to touch your eye in order to avoid any contamination or eye infection. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should begin with a healthy diet to keep the ragging blood in your body in control. The use of medicated drops emerges as the most commonly used method for treating this condition. Glaucoma occurs when there is an increase in the pressure within the eyeball.

Are there any extra precautions we should take that can help prevent this? no dataWorried Daughter Dear Worried, Falls are a big concern for many elderly seniors and their families. Each year, 1-in-3 older Americans fall, making it the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for those age 65 and older. But many falls can be prevented. Depending on what’s causing your mom to fall, here are some different tips that can help protect her. Encourage exercise Weak leg muscles and poor balance are two of the biggest risk factors that cause seniors to fall. Tai chi, walking, water aerobics and strength training are all good for improving balance and strength, as are a number of simple balance exercises that she can do anytime like standing on one foot for 30 seconds then switching to the other foot, and walking heel-to-toe across the room. For additional balance and leg strengthening exercises the National Institute on Aging offers free exercise guides and a DVD that you can order at Review her medications Does your mom take any medicine, or combination of medicines, that make her dizzy, sleepy or lightheaded?

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Tiny specks that are seen in the field of vision are known as eye floaters and it is a lesser known type of age-related eye problems. Excess caffeine leads to high GOP, whereas alcohol abuse leads to low GOP. Recurrent corneal erosion is an injury caused to the cornea of the eyes. This process should be continued and repeated time and again, until the infection from the eye does not reduce and is completely combated. This is a very commonly found glaucoma. C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. One of the common methods is emptying a cigarette blunt, and refilling it with marijuana. The later one is considered to occur due to inflammation, lens lunation displacement or misalignment of lens, tumours inside the eye or trauma to the organ. When it affects the eye region, it is known as ocular shingles.

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